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What is AACF?

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What will Jon do at AACF?

My role within AACF is to be a campus minister serving on the leadership team in the JEMS office. I will not be attached to one campus but I will serve the entire organization. This means I will be working with the current Leadership Team, Melanie Chow and Victor Quon, to cast a vision for AACF. This includes creating strategy for leadership development within AACF, a strategy for students to healthy transition from college life to young adult life, a strategy for recruiting and training new campus ministers, and supporting each campus. This means I will be working with AACF’s current 13 chapters, from University of Washington to UC San Diego, to understand the culture and needs of each campus, to support the student leadership, and to support the volunteer and paid campus ministers at each campus. Being in the JEMS office offers the opportunity to more effectively utilize resources to reach the world with the Gospel.

Supporting Jon’s Ministry

The ministry of AACF made possible by the Holy Spirit and donors like you. AACF is led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the discernment of the AACF Leadership Team. AACF is then supported by generous donors who give to the ministry of JEMS/AACF. Will you pray about partnering with with our ministry? Here are the different ways you can give:

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Send your check or EFT authorization form to JEMS/AACF, 948 East Second Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

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The monthly goal for my ministry is $6,000. Will you pray about giving a monthly gift?

Last updated December 9, 2016.