Jon’s November 2014 Newsletter

Four months ago I accepted an invitation to join the Leadership Team of Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF). Two months ago I began raising support that would allow me to do full-time ministry with AACF. I am continuing that journey toward fulfilling God’s call for my life today and tomorrow. This newsletter will answer two […]

A Life Connected to God

I was hoping to post something every Friday. Last week I had the opportunity to speak at CBC Central campus and the preparation took more time than I thought it would. Maybe I’ll make it by doing two posts this weekend! I just wanted to share with you the message I shared with CBC. The […]

My Last Year at Bethel

September 2, 2014 marked the beginning of the end my master of divinity program at Bethel Seminary San Diego. I started in 2008 and I will finish in 2015. I had mixed feelings as I sat through my first class; I felt satisfied and nervous. Satisfied. This semester is the beginning of the end of my […]

Jon’s August 2014 Newsletter

Thanks for taking the time to read my support letter. Please add yourself to my newsletter by following this link: You will receive quarterly updates in your inbox. Check for regular updates. Responding to God’s Call The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report in March 2014 stating that “young adults born in […]