AACF Winter Staff Retreat

Even our AACF campus ministers go on retreat! Coming from University of Washington (UW) to UC San Diego and all areas between, 10 of our ministers gathered for a weekend of fellowship to affirm vision for AACF, enter into God’s Sabbath rest, and prepare for AACF’s annual Leadership Training Conference. Lance Lee, a trained counselor, […]

StrengthsFinder Coaching with C3

StrengthsFinder is a tool that I have been using to help people understand their strengths. Developed by Gallup, it is an assessment that identifies naturally recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that can be productively applied; Gallup identifies these as talents. When a person invests (or gains knowledge and skills) in their talents, they […]

Christmas Time

Even though it is now late-January, I want to take some time to reflect on 2014’s Christmas. The holidays, in recent years, have been a journey of reconciling familial relationships. When I moved to San Diego, the physical distance intensified the emotional distance with my family. It worsened when my father passed away in 2006. […]

NorCal Vacation

I love SoCal. But I have a confession. NorCal does beat out SoCal in one way. It has better… water! But that’s the only thing (that I am willing to admit to)! Before our spring semester started, Kylie and I had the opportunity to take a trip up to San Francisco to visit some old […]

Jon’s November 2014 Newsletter

Four months ago I accepted an invitation to join the Leadership Team of Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF). Two months ago I began raising support that would allow me to do full-time ministry with AACF. I am continuing that journey toward fulfilling God’s call for my life today and tomorrow. This newsletter will answer two […]