Alumni Corner, Kelly Lee

Kelly Lee class of 2006,AACF UCSD wrote in response to the question “How has AACF impacted your life?”   I first started coming to AACF during my sophomore year in 2004. I remember hesitantly signing up for Winter Retreat and feeling nervous about going because I didn’t really know anyone. However, after a rough freshman […]

Jon and Kylie are Engaged!

Kylie Yano, my fiancée, wrote about our engagement from her perspective.   Jon and I have had much to praise God for in the last few months, especially back in May.  My family had been in San Diego for Jon’s seminary graduation, but that was not the only event they were in town for.  In […]

TogetherLA 2015

“TogetherLA is a movement of pastors, church leaders and people of faith who love LA. We seek the betterment of our city and will come together in 2015 for a three-day, city-wide event…” I had the opportunity to attend TogetherLA in February 2015. It was an ethnically, vocationally, and denominationally diverse gathering of Christians who […]

A Penny A Step Results

In one hour, I took 7,355 steps covering 3.49 miles on the UCSD campus. Walking around campus was like walking down memory lane. Walking by lecture halls evoked some anxiety; I remembered the stress of midterms and finals. I laughed at memory of the struggle to stay awake during my morning lectures. Then passing by […]

Ministry in Los Angeles

I moved to Los Angeles! During the last four years of ministry, coffee shops and fast food joints were my offices.  Now, I get to be in a real office.  No more whirling blenders or howling kids. Now I get to be in the whirl of ministry and the howling of a copy machine. It […]