Breathing In and Breathing Out at AACF Staff Retreat

AACF had its annual winter Staff Retreat in late January. We gathered at a home in Oceanside, CA to fellowship, learn, and plan for our annual Leadership Training Conference (LTC) in the summer. It is always a blessing to gather with colleagues, co-laborers and share life together. We don’t get to see each other too […]

Making Jon’s Ministry in AACF Possible

At the time I am writing this article, I have been in fulltime ministry with AACF for seven months. For half a year I have been speaking and traveling to AACF regional events and large group meetings. It was a blessing to experience the uniqueness, yet shared vision, of each AACF chapter. I have met […]

Some Say Ball is Life. We Proclaim That Jesus is the Bread of Life.

AACF hosts several national events a year: United – a praise night where all AACF chapters gather to share what God is doing on their campus, LTC – Leadership Training Conference for student leaders to be educated and equipped as Christian leaders, and a basketball tournament. This year’s basketball tournament was open to all our […]

Regional Events: Traveling the West Coast

I was blessed to speak at two regional events in the Fall: SoCal student leadership training and NorCal student leadership training. I will be flying up to Seattle, Washington in early December to teach a student workshop and connect with our staff in the Pacific Northwest region. At these Fall gatherings, we talked about evangelism. […]

Speaking at AACF CSULB Men’s Retreat

Sixteen men gathered at Camp Metoche in Angelus Oaks to Stand As One. Their theme, taken, from Philippians 1:27, speaks about livinga life worthy of the gospel. Paul calls the Philippians to “stand firm in one Spirit, striving together as one.” These men desired to understand what it means to be united as mature men […]