Relaunching AACF USC

Kylie and I have been going to USC every week since mid-September. We have been laboring to relaunch AACF USC. We’re picking up where faithful students and campus ministers left off. This relaunch started when my colleague, Victor Quon the AACF Director of Strategic Relations, recruited two AACF students (Daniel Lui, from UCR, and Vera […]

AACF LB Mens Retreat

From Friday to Sunday, a handful of young men from AACF CSU Long Beach gathered in a house in Santa Ana, CA. It was their annual men’s retreat. This was the first time they met in a home, but the second time that I have spoken for their retreat. It was a small group of […]

LTC 2016: The Disciple Ship

84 students, 14 campus ministers, 2 AACF resources, 5 guest speakers, and their 2 children attended LTC 2016. The theme, Disciple Ship, talked about being a disciple of Jesus and discipling others. It was a week of equipping student leaders and ministering to Christians navigating their faith as young adults in college. The photo collage […]

Big News!

What’s the big news? Google defines big as “of considerable size, extent, or intensity.” It then defines news as, “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.” So if we put those two things together: I have considerable noteworthy information to share! Have I dragged this out long enough? On June 1, […]

AACF LTC 2016: The Disciple Ship

AACF’s annual Leadership Training Conference is just around the corner. It is a weeklong conference for AACF’s student leaders. This year we have around 80 student leaders coming from all over the West Coast of California. This year’s theme is Disciple Ship. Here’s a description of the conference: Have you ever thought about how much […]