Alumni Corner, Jed Chun

Jed Chun class of 2014, AACF UCI wrote in response to the question “How has AACF impacted your life?” Looking back, it’s hard not to marvel in the amazing ways that God has worked through AACF to get me to where I am today. If I hadn’t met the brothers and sisters of AACF in college […]

Christmas Time

Even though it is now late-January, I want to take some time to reflect on 2014’s Christmas. The holidays, in recent years, have been a journey of reconciling familial relationships. When I moved to San Diego, the physical distance intensified the emotional distance with my family. It worsened when my father passed away in 2006. […]

A Life Connected to God

I was hoping to post something every Friday. Last week I had the opportunity to speak at CBC Central campus and the preparation took more time than I thought it would. Maybe I’ll make it by doing two posts this weekend! I just wanted to share with you the message I shared with CBC. The […]