Relaunching AACF USC

Kylie and I have been going to USC every week since mid-September. We have been laboring to relaunch AACF USC. We’re picking up where faithful students and campus ministers left off.


This relaunch started when my colleague, Victor Quon the AACF Director of Strategic Relations, recruited two AACF students (Daniel Lui, from UCR, and Vera Cordeta, from UCSB) to promote an AACF relaunch. 15 USC students responded who wanted to hear more about AACF. At our first meeting, there were five young adults who were prepared to minister to these 15 students. We had a mini worship team, an icebreaker planned, enough snacks to feed 20 students, and I prepared a speech to introduce AACF. We had one student show up; he wasn’t even one of 15 students who signed up for receive more information! Our plans were turned upside down. Instead we spent time in worship and prayer. It was an intimate setting to truly fellowship. That freshman, Leighton, said that evening was just what he needed. Since that meeting, Leighton has faithfully attended every AACF meeting. The three of us (Kylie, Leighton, and I) meet weekly for bible study.

We open with worship integrated with prayer, study scripture, and then spend a few minutes talking about reaching the USC campus. Of course, we have snacks! I would describe our bible studies as intimate and mutual. Even though I am leading the bible studies and we’re in different life stages, it feels like we’re peers. Each person authentically shares; and we support one another. We leave refreshed and reminded of our calling as disciples of Jesus Christ.

In mid-November, our student attendance increased! AACF USC has seen a handful of freshmen and upperclassmen visit! We even have a new believer attending our weekly Bible Study. The Lord is leading students who need a community like AACF to our bible studies. Our prayer is that we can be a group that reaches the lost at USC. Please pray for Kylie and me. We both have other obligations to work, class (Kylie is clearing her credentials and I am taking a non-profit management class), church, and family. AACF is a significant commitment. Pray that we can continue to minister to college students at USC. Pray for AACF USC. As we begin to grow, may the students connect with one another and become a community of believers who will support and challenge one another.

Kylie and I are grateful for this opportunity to serve in the relaunch of AACF USC.