LTC 2016: The Disciple Ship

84 students, 14 campus ministers, 2 AACF resources, 5 guest speakers, and their 2 children attended LTC 2016. The theme, Disciple Ship, talked about being a disciple of Jesus and discipling others. It was a week of equipping student leaders and ministering to Christians navigating their faith as young adults in college.

The photo collage gives a snapshot of the ministry that happened at The Oaks Camp and Conference Center. Our schedule began with morning prayer. An optional component of the conference, students woke up in the morning to meet with the Lord in corporate and personal prayer. Next came the training tracks. The tracks equipped students for critical ministry components: bible study, body life (koinonia), core coordinators, discipleship, evangelism, prayer, small group, and worship. After lunch, we had corporate bible study and then team building. The evening kicked off with our speaker, Pira Tritasavit. The pinnacle was evening campus times when the student leaders reflected on their previous year and discerned God’s leading for the upcoming school year.

LTC 2016 was a demanding conference. We were shorthanded on staff. Many of us had to take on additional responsibilities to fill the gaps: leading workshops, guiding unstaffed campuses in team building and planning, and supporting one another. All glory goes to God who has equipped each of the campus ministers for this week of ministry: their knowledge, gifting, and personal testimonies.

Serving at LTC was a break from the administrative responsibilities of the directorship. It was a chance to minister to young student leaders. It reminded me of the reason why I was led to vocational ministry. I was drawn to ministry to lead people into God’s presence and to help them discover their God given calling. That desire and calling continues as I take on the full responsibilities of the directorship. That calling frames my vision for the legacy of my leadership.

I am thankful for the week we had in the mountains. It was a week of ministry to young leaders and of fellowship with like-minded Christians. It was a blessed week. Thank you for your prayers. They covered us as we navigated a demanding week. I am grateful for your faithfulness to the ministry and to God. All glory to God!  ltc-collage-copy