JEMS Mount Hermon 2016

Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society was founded after World War II. Its vision was to equip and send missionaries to bring Gospel to Japan. Today JEMS now engages all Asians through its ministries with local churches, campus groups, conferences, retreats, and other ministries. AACF is the campus ministry of JEMS, and one the longest running ministries is the JEMS Mount Hermon camps.


This year, JEMS Mount Hermon hosted its 66th camp (it started in 1950)! Currently Mount Hermon runs six camps including family camp (young families), junior high camp (6th& 7th grade), interhigh camp (8th & 9th grade), senior high (10th-12th grade), college camp, and special camp. Counting all attendees there were about 1,200 at the 66th annual JEMS Mount Hermon Camp. I was one of them.

I had the privilege of visiting all the camps. Rick Chuman, our Executive Director, invited me to visit these camps to get a glimpse of the lives that are touched by the ministry of JEMS. I was pleasantly surprised by how many AACF alumni were at Family Camp. There were many who attended AACF as students or were former AACF staff members. I listened to their stories of how the ministry of AACF impacted their lives – lifelong friendships, vision for ministry, and a spiritual community. There were even current AACF students serving as cabin leaders in the various camps.

Attending JEMS Mount Hermon opened my eyes to the legacy of JEMS and AACF. I realized that I am a recipient of generations of faithful disciples who sacrificed and labored for God’s kingdom. I was blessed by those who started AACF UCSD in 1984. I was blessed by those who sustained and grew the ministry of AACF over the next 19 years until in 2003 when it was my turn to contribute in the legacy of JEMS and AACF. AACF UCSD is still meeting and impacting lives in 2016! Many of us are the fruit of someone else’s faithfulness: a friend who shared the gospel, a parent who brought us to church, or a pastor who explained the gospel to us. We are all part of a legacy; the legacy of God’s love. Each of us participates as we fulfill the great commission (Matt 28:19-20). We receive in order to embody and proclaim the good news! I pray that each of you will sense God’s leading in your daily lives: a person to talk to, a ministry to join, a gift to give, a song to sing.


A photo of JEMS Junior High Camp staff from 2004. I had to opportunity to serve with several other AACF UCSD students. It was a weeklong camp with almost 100 6th and 7th graders. The fellowship among the cabin leaders, deans, directors, and resource was great. The ministry to junior high students was life changing. Several students made life commitments to Jesus. Several students recommitted their lives to Jesus. It was at the JEMS junior high camp where I first imagined vocational ministry.