Another Step Closer to Marriage

selfieJon and I finally found an apartment! By the time this newsletter is published, it will be just over a month until our wedding. This will be the home where we start the next season of our lives together. We both were impressed by the apartment when we saw it. A few hours later we completed an application and prayed for God’s favor. A few days later, we found out that we were approved! God is so faithful to provide all that we need and in His time.

Jon will move in first, and I will join him after the wedding. But until then, it has been fun to prepare the apartment together and to work together to move. Cleaning, dreaming about how to set everything up, shopping for furniture, taking multiple trips from the car to our door – we’ve been able to enjoy it all and invest in our new home. We have even met many of our neighbors already, and I can see how God is expanding our circles and forming new bonds. From young families to retired individuals, our new community will bring diverse experiences and plenty of interesting conversations. Even still, God gave us a quiet apartment for moments of rest and time together.

This was a huge burden off of our shoulders, a weight seemingly heavier than wedding planning. With the relief of keys in hand and a place to call our own, we’re looking forward to this new chapter. Jon is looking forward to settling into married life, and I am looking forward to seeing him more often than just the weekends. There will be new and different challenges to face and habits to adjust to, but we are excited to be in one place rather than an hour drive away from each other in LA. God has given us a home base where the commute to work for both of us is as good as it’s going to get and where we can be close to family. We are so blessed as we take one step closer to marriage!