AACF LTC 2016: The Disciple Ship

AACF’s annual Leadership Training Conference is just around the corner. It is a weeklong conference for AACF’s student leaders. This year we have around 80 student leaders coming from all over the West Coast of California. This year’s theme is Disciple Ship. Here’s a description of the conference:

Have you ever thought about how much biblical ministry took place on board a ship? Being on a boat could mean that a person was in a place of safety or danger. It could be a place where someone worked or was simply traveling. In our contemporary culture, ships continue to operate for commerce and travel, but are used for expensive leisurely cruises and even to conduct war. But we invite you to consider another use for a ship. It is a place where training and discipling takes place. Being on a ship usually means that you are with other people, some who are familiar to you and others who might be total strangers. But as you work together, your experience expands, your relationships grow and your walk with God deepens.

I will be co-teaching the weeklong Discipleship Track with Evelyn Encarnacion. The track will give students a biblical foundation for discipleship, present different types of discipleship relationship, and then equip the students with skills to develop a discipleship ministry.
I will also be teaching an elective workshop with an AACF Cal alumna (Ramsey DeLano) on how to transition out of discipleship relationships. The workshop wants to help students end well. We’ll talk about ending formal discipleship relationship while continuing the friendship.

I will also be supporting various AACF chapters throughout the week, offering oversight as student leadership teams reflect on the previous year and dream about the upcoming year. It will be a full week of ministry.

As a student I attended LTC in 2005 and 2006. It was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. It was and still is a unique atmosphere of student leaders and peers. These up-and-coming leaders may have never met but they have common ground to make instant connections. They are all part of AACF and love Jesus. They are blessed by their common experiences and unique contexts. They share ideas, they encourage one another, and they move together toward fulfilling the mission and vision of AACF.


I am looking forward to LTC 2016. Many hours were poured into preparing for LTC. But we know that it is the Holy Spirit who changes lives. Pray for these students as they come to LTC. Pray that they will be able to rest at LTC. It is an intense week of learning and fellowship. Some students will be coming directly from finals week. Some students will have other obligations on their minds. Pray that they will former lasting friendships to find support during their year of ministry in AACF.

Get ready to read my next newsletter that will feature the highlights of LTC!