Big News!

What’s the big news? Google defines big as “of considerable size, extent, or intensity.” It then defines news as, “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.” So if we put those two things together: I have considerable noteworthy information to share! Have I dragged this out long enough? On June 1, […]

AACF LTC 2016: The Disciple Ship

AACF’s annual Leadership Training Conference is just around the corner. It is a weeklong conference for AACF’s student leaders. This year we have around 80 student leaders coming from all over the West Coast of California. This year’s theme is Disciple Ship. Here’s a description of the conference: Have you ever thought about how much […]

Another Step Closer to Marriage

Jon and I finally found an apartment! By the time this newsletter is published, it will be just over a month until our wedding. This will be the home where we start the next season of our lives together. We both were impressed by the apartment when we saw it. A few hours later we […]