Some Say Ball is Life. We Proclaim That Jesus is the Bread of Life.

AACF hosts several national events a year: United – a praise night where all AACF chapters gather to share what God is doing on their campus, LTC – Leadership Training Conference for student leaders to be educated and equipped as Christian leaders, and a basketball tournament. This year’s basketball tournament was open to all our AACF chapters. This year AACFs from UC San Diego, UC Irivine, CSU Long Beach, UC Riverside, UC Los Angeles, and UC Santa Barbara played in the tournament. Here is a testimony from Chloe Chow. She is from AACF CSULB, class of 2018:

10399476_10208818600848913_7013622145003339479_n“This past February I experienced my first AACF Basketball Tournament in a unique way by being a player and a member of the planning team! Prior to the day of tournament there were many countless hours where the planning team and I experienced stress, relief and joy as we discussed logistics, contacted various schools and volunteered our time. However, once the day of the event came I was able to see God at work through the message delivered by the speaker, the good sportsmanship displayed on the court and the intentional conversations off the court. Overall, the tournament ran as smoothly as it possible could go and for that I am proud of all who watched, played and planned. I look forward to participating in future AACF Basketball Tournaments!”

I talked to several students about the tournament. Most of them said they wished they had exercised more; their bodies were so sore after the tournament. All of them said they had fun. It was a massive effort to plan a basketball tournament. The leadership received the proposal (budget, purpose, plan) in September 2015. Six months later, the students pulled off a basketball tournament that had over 200 participants on the court. There were also many students who came to support their chapter.

The value of a basketball tournament was not in the tournament itself. There was no winner; there wasn’t an AACF trophy. The value of the tournament was the opportunity to deepen community. Students had the opportunity to connect with one another in a different venue – outside of bible study, worship, or listening to sermon.  The value of the tournament was that the Gospel was declared. John Lee, the JEMS Sports director proclaimed the Gospel to hundreds of students. The value of the tournament was allowing students to grow into leadership roles, to plan a large scale event which required budgets, vision casting, communication, and hospitality.

I look forward to our next national event: United happening April 9 in Santa Barbara. Keep your eye peeled for the next newsletter!