Making Jon’s Ministry in AACF Possible

progression_16-02At the time I am writing this article, I have been in fulltime ministry with AACF for seven months. For half a year I have been speaking and traveling to AACF regional events and large group meetings. It was a blessing to experience the uniqueness, yet shared vision, of each AACF chapter. I have met with other Asian American ministry leaders to pray, fellowship, collaborate, and bless one another. I have met with AACF campus ministers to better understand the needs sof the staff. I have met with the AACF leadership to discern how God is moving in and through AACF. Seven months has gone by quickly.
As 2016 comes into full swing, I look forward to a full year of ministry. There are exciting opportunities on the horizon to expand the impact of AACF on campuses and in local communities. In 2016 we are looking to host the first annual Giving Conference. In 2016 we are also looking to launch the 2020 Pledge. AACF is praying for 20 AACF chapters by the year 2020. We are asking donors to pledge $20 a month through 2020 to help us increase the impact of AACF. Dotted throughout the calendar are conferences, regional gatherings, meetings, missions projects, speaking opportunities, and ministry opportunities. I am blessed to have the privilege of working in fulltime ministry.
I want to thank each of you for supporting the ministry of AACF. Your prayers have covered my transition from San Diego to Los Angeles, from youth ministry to campus ministry. Your contribution allows the ministry of AACF to fulfill its mission and vision to proclaim the gospel on campuses and to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders. Will you consider supporting my ministry in AACF? My goal is to raise $6,000 each month. I still have a need. I am praying for 24 people to pledge $100/month. Will you pray about committing to pledge $50, $100, $200, or even $500 a month? If you sense that God is leading you to give any amount go to There you can choose to give by check, EFT, credit card, or donating assets. We even accept car donations! Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Each of you is a tremendous blessings!