Giving Conference hosted by AACF

AACF is hosting the first annual Giving Conference on April 23, 2016, in Los Angeles. I have the privilege of leading the planning team for this conference. The Giving Conference was inspired by the documentary, The Laundromat. Vanessa Yee, the director of the documentary and an AACF alumna, says this about her film, “The Laundromat is a documentary about… issues of silence, shame, and family dynamics, but just as important, it is a name for the safe space I hope to create with this movie.” Kylie and I had the opportunity to watch the film at another occasion. My response was validation. The film affirmed the pain I felt from personal struggles, family issues, and life’s trials. I felt like I was given permission to reveal my authentic self, a chance to make myself vulnerable to Kylie. It was a healing moment. I acknowledged that I was authentically broken, and I embraced the truth that I am, simultaneously, authentically redeemed by Jesus.

The prayer for this conference is that attendees will take a step toward authenticity. Then they will bring these insights and experiences back to their communities to create safe spaces (grace filled space) for others to be authentic. The daylong conference schedule includes worship, the documentary, small groups, workshops, and a keynote speaker.

Also pray that people will respond to the Holy Spirit’s invitation to attend this conference. We know that this is an issue that needs to be addressed, but we also know that this is a difficult issue to address. Pray that attendees will grow in their relationship with God and their community. Shame imprisons people. It keeps them from experiencing the love from God and others. Truth and grace gives freedom.

If you would like to attend or learn more about the Giving Conference go to You can also contact me! Email me, or call me, (213) 613-0022. You can ask me about the film, the speaker, and the workshops. I would love to see you at this conference. I believe you will be richly blessed by the Giving Conference. Shame is a difficult emotional that spans age, ethnicity, and gender. Grace is God’s gift that speaks life across ages, ethnicities and genders.