Small Groups at FCBC

I have been in Los Angeles for 5 months. When I moved to LAIMG_3278, I began attending FCBC LA; Kylie, my fiancé, grew up at FCBC LA. Both of us decided that we would attend FCBC LA. It has been a transition for us. Even though Kylie grew up at FCBC LA, she was returning as a young adult; she needed to figure out how she would interact with friends (who also matured and changed) and service opportunities (existing ministries and new ministries). For me, Jon, it was a completely new church – new traditions, new pas
tors, new people, new location, and new ministries. In this transition we are praying to be life giving members of the community. Both of us have committed to the health and growth of FCBC LA.
Kylie has been serving in the special needs Sunday school: serving youth and adults with special needs. I am still discerning the opportunities and needs in the church. Both us have been attending a young adult small group. Kylie wrote about her experience in small group:

Finding community was on my to-do list as I moved to LA, after leaving a solid and supportive bible study in San Diego. I knew from that experience that I wantedto be in a family-feeling group where I could stay for hours after, share in food and fellowship, and leave having laughed and loved. God, quite literally, made that happen for me (and Jon) in LA. We, along with my sister and my cousin and her husband, are studying the book of Daniel, learning to be bold and bonding with other brothers and sisters. There’s a freedom to ask questions and to be ourselves; there’s a commitment to be vulnerable and affirming. Though it’s hard to be present after a long work week, I am confident this small group is God’s provision and answer to prayers.

We have been blessed by are time in LA – our new jobs, our new (but old) church, and our new relational status. Please pray for us as we continue to transition. Pray that we will be life giving members of our church community.

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