Leadership Training and Fall Launch

AACF hosts an annual Leadership Training Conference (LTC) for its student leaders. This year, about 90 students attended the conference in June 2015. Students from UC San Diego to University of Washington attended a week long training conference. The theme this year was “Hear, See, Touch, Come, and Taste” inspired by 1 John 1:1. This passage speaks about experiencing Jesus, his love and forgiveness. The focus of LTC was to invite the students to respond to Jesus, to have their Christian convictions overflow as compassion and love for those who are lost. We led the students to consider how their experience of Jesus leads to evangelism.

Daniel Lui

Jon Liu








I had the privilege of speaking during the evening program with Daniel Lui, an InterVarsity staff member. Daniel spoke on our identity as evangelists. He invited to the students to process their barriers to evangelism: our shame and insecurities. I spoke on our call to evangelism. I explored how experiencing Jesus transforms us, as individual and as a community to proclaim the Gospel. The students left LTC with new friendships, tools for ministry, and a seed of evangelism planted in their hearts and minds.

Late-August and early-September signal the beginning of a new school year. AACFs across the west coast have prepared or are preparing their Fall launch. They are discerning their themes, asking for God for guidance to figure out the focus of their chapter. The theme will reveal topics that need to be addressed; these are new paradigms to be taught and scripture to be explored. They are planning their events; these events allow the group to flourish within and with the community. They are recruiting student leaders to serve AACF as worship leaders, small group leaders, bible study leaders, and community builders.

It is a busy and challenging season. I pray that each of our student leaders will seek the Lord as they plan and prepare. I also pray that each them of have a deep conviction for evangelism to their community and to the world. Please join me in praying for AACF.  AACF has 17 chapters. Three of them are brand new. Pray for our students at…

  1. University of WashingtonWashington
  2. Seattle University*
  3. Seattle Pacific University*
  4. UC Berkeley
  5. UoP*
  6. UC Davis
  7. San Francisco SU
  8. San Jose SU
  9. UC Santa Cruz
  10. UC Santa Barbara
  11. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  12. UC Los Angeles
  13. USCCA
  14. UC Riverside
  15. CSU Long Beach
  16. UC Irvine
  17. UC San Diego

*New AACF chapters

As for me, I will be visiting each of our chapters this school year. I want to get to know each AACF: their campus, the student leaders, students who attend, and the campus ministers who faithfully serve the students. I am excited for the privilege to fellowship and minister to Christian leaders.

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