Jon and Kylie are Engaged!


Kylie Yano, my fiancée, wrote about our engagement from her perspective.


Jon and I have had much to praise God for in the last few months, especially back in May.  My family had been in San Diego for Jon’s seminary graduation, but that was not the only event they were in town for.  In true Jon-fashion, he had an exciting and elaborate adventure planned for one special day – May 31, 2015.  It all started after a typical Sunday service in San Diego when Jon handed me a stack of red envelopes.  Secretly thinking that I had suddenly become a little richer, I opened the first envelope with suspicion and nerves.  I read a clue for all of us to follow, and after I hustled to pack a bag, we ate lunch on the road to our next stop an hour north.  The second envelope provided tickets to see a movie together, and the third clue led us further north for some yummy dessert.  At that point, I was wondering where we were going to end up.  My family looked like they were losing steam, or they were just oddly quiet, and I was more suspicious than when our day began.  Jon prompted me to read the next clue which led us to downtown Los Angeles.  I started to put all the pieces together on this leg of the trip.  #1) Jon was quiet in the car.  #2) Jon’s hands were ice cold.  That was evidence enough to prepare myself for something big.

We pulled into the JEMS office, we parked, and he took a deep breath.  He then began to recite a poem from memory, recounting the important moments in our relationship and how we’ve grown.  He led me through the building up to the beautifully decorated roof.  It was there where he proposed in the last lines of his poem and where I said yes!  My friends who had set up and were hiding came out to congratulate us, sharing smiles and hugs all around.  My next question was, “Where did my family go?”  Of course there was more to the adventure!  My family had joined Jon’s family and friends who were waiting to celebrate and spend the evening with us.  It was an amazing day, and I’m so grateful for Jon.  Clearly he spent time and energy planning this, and I could tell how much thought he put into it.  Though I don’t like surprises, I had to trust that Jon knew what was going on as we traveled from San Diego to LA.  I’m encouraged because similarly, in times of transition, both of us will have to surrender the unknown to our sovereign God and let him guide us.  The journey continues!

“I have a question for you, I hope you agree.
Kylie Yano, will you make me the happiest man and marry me?”
Yes, Jon Liu, with more joy than I can show
Engaged and ready, oh the places we’ll go!

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