NorCal Vacation

I love SoCal. But I have a confession. NorCal does beat out SoCal in one way. It has better… water! But that’s the only thing (that I am willing to admit to)! Before our spring semester started, Kylie and I had the opportunity to take a trip up to San Francisco to visit some old friends, see the sights of the city, and enjoy the coastal forests of NorCal. We were certainly blessed by our friends. We cherished their hospitality and their stories of God in their lives.

My favorite tourist activity in SF was a hike through Muir Woods. We chose to hike the Ben Johnson trail. One blogger wrote, “This loop ascends unrelentingly along a grassy ridge and then descends through old-growth redwood.” It is a 5.2 mile loop that ascends 1200 feet in two miles. The description both excited and frightened us. Kylie was excited for the uphill climb; I was excited for the redwood forest. Though we were nervous about hiking a new trail we were able to enjoy God’s handiwork. We went on a weekday and walked the more difficult trails, allowing us time and space from others for the large majority of the hike. It was as though we were given a private tour through God’s creativity and hospitality. It felt like Sabbath rest. I would highly recommend anyone to take a trip through Muir Woods. Bring a lunch and whatever you need to connect with God: scripture, journal, or ukulele to spend an extended morning/afternoon in Muir Woods.
I was blessed by the trip to NorCal, and I hope to do it again in the near future. I didn’t have time to visit all my NorCal friends, so if you’re reading this and you live up there, keep an eye out for Jon Liu’s next visit!

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