AACF Winter Staff Retreat

Even our AACF campus ministers go on retreat! Coming from University of Washington (UW) to UC San Diego and all areas between, 10 of our ministers gathered for a weekend of fellowship to affirm vision for AACF, enter into God’s Sabbath rest, and prepare for AACF’s annual Leadership Training Conference.
Lance Lee, a trained counselor, ordained minister, and ministry consultant, was our speaker for the weekend. He led us through exercises to clarify the purpose and assess the impact of AACF. Lance wanted us to examine two questions: What is AACF all about? What is it going to take for me (for us) to fulfill the mission and vision of AACF? The short answer to the first is: AACF is about reaching the college campus to create a spiritual home-away-from-home so that students may make their faith their own and be empowered with the passion, skills, and knowledge to go into the church, the workplace, and the market place with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. To answer the second question, Lance then allowed us to dream of having infinite resources in order to fulfill the purpose of AACF. So we dreamt of having paid and volunteer campus ministers for every campus and bible study, to have seminary level training for campus ministers and student leaders, to have effective partnerships with the local churches in order to create young-adult ministries, to host an international student exchange program, and even to have an AACF Camp which all the campuses could use for their retreats. This is only a short list of all the things we would like AACF to do for God’s Kingdom.
Fulfilling everything on the list would be great. But AACF does not want to become a programmatic organization that ferries college students through a curriculum. We want to be a kingdom-minded ministry that allows students to discover and experience their calling in God’s Kingdom. This happens in relationships: discipleship, mentorship, friendship, leadership, and partnership. These relationships already exist within AACF. The students have discipleship, mentorship, friendship, and leadership. As campus ministers, our role is to nurture and guide these relationships. My role on the Leadership Team extends into partnerships. I will be pioneering new partnerships with local and national ministries while supporting existing relationships between different AACF chapters and their college campus.
The weekend was an inspiring time of dreaming about the reach of AACF and strategizing for the first-steps that must be taken to extend our current reach.

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