Jon’s August 2014 Newsletter

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Responding to God’s Call
The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report in March 2014 stating that “young adults born in the early 1980s held an average of 6.2 jobs from age 18 through 26.” (link to artcile) Let’s see, where do I fall in this statistic?

I was a (1) Cutco Salesman, (2) Parts Broker at Sun Industries, (3) Marketing Specialist at Advanced Monitors, (4) Youth Pastor at JCC Church, (5) Youth Pastor at GC2 Church, and (6) Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF) Campus Minister.

Whoa! I guess I am like the average young adult in their job hunt journey. Although the report does not clarify why there were 6.2 job changes, in my case, it was a progression of clarity and maturity. Starting at a secular job, I knew God wanted me to do something different for my career, so I quit and became a Youth Pastor in 2008. Then as I experienced different ministry opportunities, I knew that God was shaping my mind and heart for ministry outside the church building. In 2014, I resigned my position as Youth Pastor and I accepted an offer to join the AACF Leadership Team - a full-time position that will take me to the JEMS headquarters in Los Angeles.

What’s happening now?
Currently, I live in San Diego where I still have one more year in my Master of Divinity program at Bethel Seminary. In May 2015, I will finally receive my master degree. While taking classes at Bethel, I will continue to attend GC2 Church. Stepping down as the Youth Pastor creates the opportunity for me to pursue personal convictions. I have been challenged to explore two areas of discipline: sabbath and self-care. I know that God wants me to learn these disciples so I can be a healthy minister and effectively minister for the rest of my life. Adele Ahlberg Calhoun defines each of these disciplines in Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices That Transform Us.

Sabbath is God’s gift of repetitive and regular rest. It is given for our delight and communion with God. Time for being in the midst of a life of doing particularly characterizes the sabbath.”
Self-care honors God through nurturing and protecting the body, mind, and spirit with their limits and desires.”

While finishing my program and exploring these disciplines, I will be raising support for my position at AACF. My goal is to raise $65,000 each year. This will cover my salary, ministry expenses, insurances, administrative fees, training, and other expenditures. My goal is to raise 50% of my target by December 2014, 75% by April 2015, and 100% raised by August 2015.

Support Jon
Financial Giving. It would not be possible to serve full-time on the AACF Leadership Team without finances. You can give online, by mail, or by EFT. Please prayerfully consider how the Lord is leading you to give. Please visit and to find giving options.
Prayer Partnership. I covet your prayers as I step into this role at AACF. I will be stepping into a new context of ministry within AACF. Being on the Leadership Team will demand administrative and leadership
skills that I still need to grow in. Moving from San Diego to Los Angeles will also have its challenges. I am nervous to leave my community of 11 years, but I trust that this is where God is leading my life.
Ministry Partners. AACF has a need for volunteers and specialists. Please let me know if you would be willing to partner with AACF. You can become a campus resource, a volunteer campus minister, part-time or full-time campus minister. You can also provide workshops or event services for AACF. There are a variety of ways to help AACF with each person’s availability and talents. It would be great to see the AACF alumni network grow to include all campuses and generations of AACFers. Visit often for regular updates on my personal and ministry life. Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter and thank you for your support.

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