About Jon

At UCSD, I joined Asian American Fellowship my freshman year. During one large group meeting, a JEMS representative shared about an opportunity to serve young people: Mount Hermon Camp. A handful of AACFers and I volunteered at Junior High Camp. It was a blessed week of ministry. I experienced the earnest desire of young people to discover a sense of belonging and pervasive forgiveness that can only be found in Jesus Christ. It was that week of cabin leading when my heart was first drawn toward ministry. Leaving that mountain, I again found myself serving young people. I volunteered as the Junior High Boys small group leader for Jesus Community Church. There, I experienced the same atmosphere - young people desiring a sense of belonging and forgiveness. The more I volunteered, the more clearly I felt the call to make ministry my career.

After graduating from UCSD, I took up a full-time marketing position. But I was not satisfied. I kept on asking myself, “Can I do this for 40 hours a week for the rest of my life?” I left my job and became a full-time volunteer at JCC. That eventually led to a part-time Youth Pastor’s position in 2008. I then ended up at GC2 Church in 2010 - a church plant that eventually merged with another church - as their Youth Pastor. nGC2, originally a multi-Asian church plant, merged with Cloudbreak, originally a multi-Anglo church plant. God led these two churches together and its members affirmed that we would be better together rather than separate. Check it out here: www.gc2church.org.
I felt the call towards AACF as I progressed through Bethel Seminary of San Diego (not Bethel in Redding). Working on my Master of Divinity, I gained critical thinking tools and theological training. I felt that my heart and my mind were being led to help form a rhetoric for Asian American spirituality. I want to help people who do not feel like they belong anywhere, to find their true identity in Christ by embracing their multi-context and their identity as a child of God. It is in AACF where I find opportunities to begin exploring this rhetoric. So I accepted an offer to the AACF Directorship. I will not be assigned a campus, but I will help support, organize, and strategize with AACF's 17 current campuses. This new job will bring me to LA to the JEMS office. I am excited for the new opportunities and the new adventures.